Snowdrifts Full of Hope
Herbal capsules
Affects based on the TCM:
  • Nourishes XU XUE insufficient blood and regulates its circulation
  • Brisks up blockade of blood YU XUE
  • Dispels coldness HAN
  • Warms menstruation
  • Irregular menstrual periods (early or late)
  • Light period with prolonged menstrual bleeding
  • Bleeding between menstrual periods (spotting)
  • Painful menstruation (dysmenorrhoea)
  • Chronic inflammation in the lower abdomen – hypogastrium (chron. pelvitis)
  • Menopausal troubles – uterine bleeding (metrorrhagia)
  • Sterility – women and men

Description according to traditional Chinese medicine: This is a modification of the original traditional Chinese herbal mixture WEN JING WAN, adjusted to meet today’s needs. This mixture mostly acts on menstrual problems caused by coldness due to deficiency on genital pathways CHONG and REN MAI and the subsequent blood blocks.

Such women suffer from mild, persisting vaginal bleeding, irregular menstruation (premature or delayed), purple blood clots in menstrual blood, mid-cycle bleeding, painful menstruation, tension and coldness in the underbelly and infertility. The basic cause here is coldness arising from deficiency, which results in blood blocks; later it changes into heat (just like low water level in the river has no strength to flow, gets blocked and later changes into heat, similarly to blocked coldness in the cellar ultimately resulting in self-ignition of coal), therefore the symptoms are in this case an expression of coldness as well as heat (coldness down and heat up), equally to the signs of simultaneous deficiency and excess.

The symptoms of heat and blood deficiency and its subsequent stagnation include dry lips and dryness in the mouth (unlike false heat due to deficiency YIN, which has several similar symptoms, but unlike the above is manifested by dryness in the mouth and in the throat, never by dry lips!), missing feeling of thirst, but also elevated temperature in the evening (unlike deficiency YIN – in the afternoon) and warm palms and soles of the feet in the event, possible with sweating of the palms and the soles.

Packaging: 100 tablets / 30 g (100% natural, natural cellulose max. 1% is the only binding agent; made from concentrated herbs at a ratio of 5:1, i.e. 5 g of dried herbs are used per gram of herbal tablets)

Dosage: 3 times daily 4 tablets, children over 3 years of age 3 times daily 2 tablets

Ingredients (1 g is made from 5 g herbs):

  • Dang gui (Chinese Angelica Root)
  • Bai shao (White Peony Root)
  • Gan jiang (Fresh Ginger Rhizome)
  • Chuan xiong (Sichuan Lovage Rhizome)
  • Mai men dong (Ophiopogon Tuber)
  • Mu dan pi (Tree Peony Root Bark)
  • Ren shen (Ginseng Root)
  • Rou gui (Cinnamon Bark)
  • Sheng jiang (Fresh Ginger Rhizome)
  • Shu di huang(Prepared Chinese Foxglove Root)
  • Zhi ban xia (Pinellia Rhizome)
  • Zhi gan cao (Licorice Root)
  • Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) 1%

Each batch of herbs in our products is tested in the accredited laboratory for medicines Phytax in Schlieren, Switzerland, to identify herbs, but also heavy metals (mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, and copper), bacteria (E. coli, Salmonella, total number of bacteria), mould, yeasts and aflatoxins. Our company TCM Herbs is the only supplier in the Czech Republic to test each batch of herbs for all herbal tables, among others for 511 types of pesticides (4 groups) because pesticides today become a worldwide problem, especially in products from the so-called Third World. Customers, in the belief that they use herbal preparations, are often, by contrast, “contaminated” with other undesirable “chemicals”.

Each laboratory is different

A laboratory for dietary supplements is obliged to verify only the presence of heavy metals, mould and bacteria – but does not determine the content of pesticides. A certified laboratory for medicines, on the other hand, also identifies individual herbs and in particular tests the entire range of pesticides (at least 500 types and more). There are only a few laboratories like that in the EU and the price is adequately high. It is therefore very important today to know which laboratory tests the dietary supplement and what the tests focus on, if each batch and each herb or just a sample are tested, how many pesticides, how many additives and how many additional binding agents the product contains, etc. – otherwise consumers could be easily deceived and disappointed… (for details read Safety and quality of TCM Herbs products)

The above implies that herbal tablets and drinks of TCM Herbs are, in terms of quantity (concentration of herbs in the mixture is 5 times higher, i.e. that 1 g of a herbal tablet equals 5 g of raw herbs) and quality (absolutely unprecedented testing of each batch), among the best products we can imagine and enjoy in the area of today’s Chinese medicine and natural medicine at all!