Pigment spots in women

Every woman wants to be attractive (and to see herself as beautiful), and healthy-looking skin is part of this. However, modern times bring new “modern” problems which were previously rare. One of these is pigment spots on women’s faces. This is caused by the current lifestyle and hectic regimen.

According to TCM, the cause of this problem is quite clear – it is the so-called XUE XU blood insufficiency followed by stagnation in the GAN YU XUE liver pathway which eventually turns into the RE internal heat which does not nourish and later dries the skin, causing pigment spots, especially on the face. What causes the XUE XU blood insufficiency in women nowadays? First of all, hormonal contraception should be mentioned in any form that was previously unavailable and therefore these difficulties did not occur as much as they do today. According to TCM, any hormonal contraception strongly weakens the XUE blood, and it is the same with all synthetic hormonal drugs (corticoids, thyroid hormones, etc.), analgesics, antibiotics, and antidepressants. Black coffee (even decaffeinated) and alcohol also dry the XUE blood according to TCM. Stress (see 12 Golden Rules of Mental Health) and all excessive or recurring negative emotions according to TCM cause stagnation of the Qi ZHI qi energy which eventually turns into the RE heat (similar to auto-ignition of coal over time), which dries the skin again and causes dark spots. The XUE blood is further weakened by breastfeeding, severe menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, as well as surgeries involving anaesthesia or major injuries with blood loss. Also, excessive intellectual activity, long PC monitor watching, night shifts, staying up late, tanning salons – all of these burn and thus weaken the XUE blood. Also, of course, irregular or inappropriate eating, especially without sufficient breakfast. Cold drinks, excessive intake of dairy products, raw vegetables and raw fruit (all preferably stewed if possible), especially in the winter months, cool the path of the PI spleen which then cannot produce enough of the XUE blood. As you can see, it is not so difficult to have pigment spots nowadays.

How to fight pigment spots?

Make the skin look like gold and not like a battlefield! The causes are mostly internal (maybe apart from the use of a tanning salon) and according to TCM they should be eliminated, preferably by herbal mixtures and adjusting the diet and lifestyle as a whole.

Diet and lifestyle

The XUE blood is weakened by:

  • Irregular meals – skipping healthy and warm breakfast, eating in a hurry and stress, irregular eating, eating late in the evening, poor choice and quality of meals…
  • Irregular and insufficient sleep (three-shift work…)
  • Excessive intellectual activity without a rest
  • Excessive ruminating, thinking, dwelling on past events…
  • Negative emotions, such as fear, envy, hatred…
  • Excessive physical activity without a rest
  • Excessive sport strain (long running, etc.) and excessive sweating
  • Childbirth, abortion, breastfeeding and excessive menstruation
  • Taking any hormonal contraception (tablets, injections, intrauterine devices, Postinor…)
  • Taking corticoids, thyroid gland hormones, antibiotics, analgesics and antidepressants
  • Excessive watching TV, PC, mobile phones (more than 2 hours a day …)
  • The foods that bring Dampness and Cold to the organism, such as raw vegetables and raw fruits, cold drinks, carbonated drinks (water, soft drinks, tonic waters, sparkling wine, etc.), black coffee, sweets, one-sided nutrition (vegetarian, macrobiotic diet…)
  • Meat from large and fast-breeding farms (chickens, turkeys, etc.)

The XUE blood is strengthened by:

  • Regularity, system and order (meal, sleep, work…)
  • Mental balance (or at least effort to achieve mental balance)
  • Not overstretching physical strengths
  • Regular rest
  • The foods that strengthen the XUE blood and Kidney essence, such as red meats, preferably organic (beef, lamb, game, tuna), beef soup (preferably from the oxtail), any liver (including liver dumplings) and kidneys, hen soup including meat (but not chicken or cock soup!), guinea fowl (e.g. in red wine), squab, quail, any eggs, particularly the yolk, beetroot (never raw! but always cooked, e.g. borscht is ideal), mussels (blue mussels), shrimps, warm breakfast (either soup or buckwheat, rice or millet porridge), spelt coffee, sorghum, chickpea (falafel, hummus), black and red lentils, black beans, non-carbonated warm fluids (“without bubbles”)

dieNikolai – biodynamic cosmetic products

Everyday skin care also affects the formation of pigment spots. Conventional cosmetic products contain a large amount of chemicals (parabens, silicones, paraffins and others) which cause a variety of skin problems and allergic reactions, including pigment spots. First of all, it is important to check the composition of cosmetic products and to select cosmetic products with a high content of natural, organic or preferably biodynamic ingredients.

To prevent pigment spots on your skin, it is important that your skin is adequately nourished with antioxidants. These substances prevent skin ageing and supply it with nutrients that strengthen the skin and blood. The richest natural source is vine which is the basis of all dieNikolai biodynamic products. In addition, these products are handmade from regional ingredients and have received the highest degree of Demeter certification which guarantees the highest quality that our nature can offers. The most suitable against pigment spots is Intensive Skin Serum – a selection of gold grapes which contains 40% grape seed oil and 44% grape seed extract, making it the richest natural source of antioxidants and the most natural protection for your skin against pigment spots. More information not only about this product can be found at www.biodynamickakosmetika.cz.


In case of doubt with the choice of herbal products, we recommend TCM Test Tongue Analysis, which is evaluated by Dr. med. Petr Hoffmann and you will receive a recommendation (herbal products and foods) to your e-mail within 3 days.