Why Covid?

Western medicine is always interested in and finds out, HOW a disease works, and prioritises an ANALYTICAL APPROACH – therefore, it analyses the mechanism of action of the disease and the composition of the virus down to the smallest detail, to the last molecule, atom, or enzyme, etc. Of course, all of that is important and good to know either, but only this knowledge is not enough to deal with the challenge.

Eastern medicine has always been interested in and found out, WHY a disease has occurred in the first place, and has preferred a SYNTHETIC APPROACH to the problem – it thus analyses the causes of the disease from the point of view of imbalance in the organism (microsystem) or imbalance in nature (macrosystem). This detached view is also very useful in prevention of the disease as such and it is just a pity that it is not applied together with the view of Western medicine – for the benefit of the patient…

According to TCM, every disease is always a consequence of the struggle between healthy energy ZHONG QI (immunity) and harmful energy XIE QI (virus, bacteria). According to TCM, in case of each epidemic it is always about the so-called effect of the external cold wind on a weakened human body and there is no need to search for various other, even conspiracy theories, etc. It always depends only on the strength of our defence power and the strength of the noxious agent, what will prevail in the final!

And why just me?

Each of us was endowed at birth with a certain strength of the organism (a kind of genetic dowry) – we can put it metaphorically that we inherited from our parents a villa or a small wooden house or cottage… And from time to time, it comes a 100-year-flooding-event, tsunami, a hurricane, etc., because we, humans, do not command the wind, the rain. These slogans (and their heralds) have finally ended up in the dustbin of history even in our country.

However, we can get ready for those natural disasters:

  1. Someone got a brick house with solid foundations, which they take care of with due diligence all along (even in quiet times) – maintain their physical and mental health. Such a solid and anchored house will usually survive such attacks unscathed (plasterwork will crack a bit or a tile will fall off the roof, but this will be easy and quickly repaired).
  2. Someone got a wooden cottage standing on a foundation slab, which they also take care of regularly, but they were not given a stronger construction – the fibre cement roof thus can be torn off or the structural stability of the wooden construction will be disrupted (e.g., fatigue, loss of smell and taste…) the consequences will be repaired longer and in the end the cottage will serve its purpose again.
  3. Someone got a cardboard cabin standing on flimsy foundations, which they had tried to take care of within their means, but a strong windstorm literally swept it off the face of the Earth and it collapsed like a card castle (so did some people). These consequences are then very difficult to repair, if there is still anything to repair, unfortunately…

Over time, of course, even the most solid house, like any other material, will get tired, rusted, shattered…, so the familiar holds true that there is no cure for age. It is equally true, that if we do not regularly take care of even the most stable house, but on the contrary, we even burden it excessively (e.g. , we build more partitions in it and so we disrupt its structural stability – obesity, hypertension… or we do not sufficiently remove damp from the cellar after a cracked pipe to cause slow but sure wetting and softening the foundations of the house – chronic illnesses, many pharmaceuticals, a plethora of fun and enjoyment…), so we only reduce its life almost arithmetically, just like our imaginary candle of life. Remember that Moderation is one of the 4 main virtues of ancient philosophy and medicine, and these other words Wisdom, Bravery, and Justice can be carved into the solid granite foundations of our health even today.

According to TCM, FENG XIE QI can be used to prevent harmful external winds during the period at risk (eg from autumn to spring) Beverage of Silver Wind (code 844) a namely 2 – 4 scoops in the morning (it can possibly be mixed with the Beverage of Chinese Sages (code 900), which creates a tasty drink that can be used to drink breakfast). In case of attack by harmful wind, TCM follows the principles of SHANG HAN LUN from the 3rd century Cold wind attack in 6 layers.

In case of doubt with the choice of herbal products, we recommend TCM Test Tongue Analysis, which is evaluated by Dr. med. Petr Hoffmann and you will receive a recommendation (herbal products and foods) to your e-mail within 3 days.