How to breathe properly?

Proper breathing is necessary for an even circulation of QI in our body. It should be deep, regular and relaxed, otherwise, with stress or breath holding, it is very easy to develop QI Stagnation. Just notice athletes (e.g. a football player before a penalty kick, a tennis player before an important serve, etc.) or presenters, singers or politicians before a public performance, as they take deep breaths and slowly exhale to prevent QI stagnation and ward off possible stage fright. It is the easiest prevention and the best way to prevent the onset of QI Stagnation.

However, it is also known to modern science that the manner and depth of breathing have a direct and, above all, positive effect on oxygenation, heart rate, pulmonary ventilation and blood pressure. Breathing through the nose positively affects the brain centres responsible for stress, while breathing through the mouth does not. Just taking a deep breath increases attention concentration and learning ability. Slow exhalation in turn has a beneficial effect on the diaphragm, where the plexus solaris is located, and thus relieves stress. Five minutes a day of breathing exercise is enough to prevent anxiety and improve mood. The most effective are these two methods of breathing:

  1. Cyclic breathing can be performed sitting or lying down. First we take a slow breath, and when our lungs expand, we take another breath to fill them to their maximum capacity. Then slowly and completely exhale. Inhalation should be through the nose, exhalation through the mouth, but it is possible to breathe in only through the nose. The second breath is usually shorter than the first, so less air can get into the lungs, but that’s okay.
  2. Square breathing consists of an equal length inhalation, breath hold and exhalation, e.g. four seconds for inhalation, another four seconds for breath hold and four seconds for exhalation.

We can try both methods and then do the one that suits us better for five minutes every day for at least one month.

If we get our breathing under control and try to breathe automatically – deeply, regularly and slowly – in any situation, we won’t get disconcerted and blocked so easily. It is ideal to combine this breathing with the physical Chinese exercises QI KONG, TAI QI or BA DUAN JIN. It is the best prevention against QI Stagnation, i.e. stress, anxiety, worries and fear. We’ll keep our brilliance and healthy glamour. What a task worthy of a true master!

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