Ovarian cysts

All that has been written about uterus myomas (more in the article Uterine fibroids) holds basically true for ovarian cysts as well. Sticking to our clogged gutter theory, from the TCM point of view there are virtually 2 basic kinds of ovarian cysts:

  1. Cysts caused by Qi stagnation can be pictured as a slightly clogged gutter which gets unclogged with the next rain (e.g. menstruation). These are cysts that appear and quickly disappear again. The cure is then based on relieving Qi stagnation by one of the following herbal mixtures: Calming of rough water (062)Freedom of easy wanderer (061)Harmony of Magic Change (063)or Cease of windstorm (064).
  2. Cysts caused by Qi and Xue blood stagnation can be pictured as a significantly more clogged gutter that does not simply unclog by itself. These are lasting larger cysts that are even more painful. To improve the blood circulation Wall of nine dragons (054)or Softness of heavenly fay (052) herbal mixture is used together with one of the herbal mixtures relieving Qi stagnation (see article 1 above), but most often Calming of rough water (062).

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