It is a disease in which the uterine lining (endometrium) occurs outside the uterus, mainly in the pelvic area, e.g. on the ovaries or peritoneum. It is most often manifested by painful menstruation, when the pain begins 1-2 days before menses, pain in the rectum and at stools, that shoots up to the thighs, long-term pain in the lower abdomen, pain during sex and sometimes the presence of blood in the urine! In the case of painful menstruation, when no cause is found, endometriosis should always be considered! It is also a major cause of sterility in women (30-70%) due to loss of ovulation.

From the point of view of Western medicine , the origin of endometriosis is unknown and therefore its treatment does not exist and is limited (until the age of 40) either to the use of obligatory (already known to us) hormonal contraception or to the administration of another male hormone called danazol. It blocks the development of gonads (gonads) in the brain (in the cerebral cortex) and therefore hormones cannot be flushed out of the ovary and the uterine mucosa (endometrium) then disappears as such. However, the ability to procreate and the function of the woman as such in general also disappears – this process thus leads to an artificial menopause. Not negligible side effects of this hormonal treatment are temporary loss of menstruation, weight gain, moodiness, depression, migraines, decreased libido, swelling, oily skin, acne, muscle cramps, hot flashes, excessive hair, breast reduction, coarser voice – in short, a woman becomes a man! Already?! Another method of treatment after the age of 40 may be surgery.

From the point of view of TCM, the same applies to the development of endometriosis and its treatment as in previous fibroids and cysts. According to the TCM, this is always a blockade of the blood YU XUE, whether from deficiency or excess. This condition can be imagined as a clogged gutter, which, thanks to the pressure over the blockage, seeps through the weakened wall of the gutter (uterus) and thus gets out of the defined space. The most used herbal mixtures are Snowdrifts full of hope (053) and Wall of nine dragons (054), sometimes Relief of carmine river (051)Softness of heavenly fay (052) or Emblazement of cinnabar field (055) are also used.


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