Vaccination from the TCM Perspective

A healthy person or the concept of health is defined according to the WHO (World Health Organization) as a state of physical, mental, and social well-being, and according to Chinese medicine as a state of internal energy balance. From the point of view of Chinese medicine, every disease is always a certain manifestation of an internal energy imbalance, and its deviation or deflection is manifested by various problems and symptoms, or diseases. Chinese medicine seeks to prevent disease by maintaining this balance through a proper lifestyle with everything from diet, phytotherapy, exercise, acupuncture, massage, and mental hygiene. Western medicine, in turn, often tries to prevent disease (and thus the deviation of the body from equilibrium) by prophylaxis, is most often by the use of vaccines and vaccinations. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, each vaccination brings the so-called hot toxin RE DU into the body and creates heat in the blood RE XUE. On the contrary, it often disturbs the evolving balance of the organism, especially at an early age, which is still literally “in diapers”.

Taming of the hot-blooded horse (Code 018)

According to Chinese medicine, every small child is born with a certain greater or lesser amount of so-called intrauterine hot toxin in the blood RE DU. The baby gets it from the mother during pregnancy, who also grows it during pregnancy “thanks” to stress, emotions, diet, diseases, drugs, etc. During the first years, every child gets rid of this hot toxin by undergoing various so-called childhood diseases (measles, rubella, mumps, chickenpox, infectious erythema, and roseola). The longer and more intense the course of the disease, e.g. temperature or sowing of pimples, the more thoroughly the organism is “cleansed” of the toxin. Nowadays, when these diseases are suppressed as a result of vaccination, the child has no chance to “clean up” and besides that, other “hot toxins” are poured into it in the form of vaccination, so the internal heat RE gets into the deepest layers of the body and all together results in a condition known as heat in blood RE XUE with persistent hot toxin RE DU. This terrain is ideal and really is a breeding ground for various allergies, eczema, inflammation, and recurrent and chronic diseases, including mental health problems. So how to “cleanse the blood”, i.e. the so-called hot toxin and heat from the blood? In this case, Chinese medicine uses a combination of herbal mixtures Birth of the Phoenix (code 009) or Shade of Brocate Veil (code 012), which excretes hot toxin and heat in 3 fireplaces, together with the herbal mixture Taming of the hot-blooded horse (code 018), which in turn cools the heat in the blood. This composition is optimal both for the prevention of the above-mentioned problems and for the elimination of the undesirable side effects of vaccination.

How do understand it all?

If you are the parents of a new and non-vaccinated infant and you are not exactly a fan of vaccination, then in your place I would postpone any vaccination to the highest possible age. It is also advisable to eliminate the effects and side effects of vaccination with the above herbal mixtures. Don’t be fooled by optional vaccinations – the likelihood that your child will die from this infection is equal to the likelihood of a tile falling on you from the roof. However, if the child has already been weakened by a plethora of vaccinations, then indeed it is sometimes the last drop of gasoline in the literally hot terrain or in a barrel filled with gunpowder, in which case the chances of the tile falling from the roof on your head increases significantly.


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