Adenoids according to TCM

Enlarged (or also swollen) adenoids are called adenoid vegetation in Latin for a good reason. They literally “vegetate” (thrive and grow) in an environment of humidity and heat. It is a lymphatic tissue (similar to the tonsils or cervical nodules) that forms a mechanical barrier in the nasopharynx.

How does an enlarged adenoid show up?

This obstacle manifests itself between the second and sixth year of age, exceptionally also later, most often with the following symptoms:

  1. With a mumbling, nasal or muffled voice
  2. Impaired hearing or hearing loss, as it mechanically blocks the Eustachian tube
  3. Impaired breathing (open mouth breathing, snoring)
  4. The typical appearance of the face is the so-called facies adenoidea (doughy, pale face with half-open mouth), which is not exactly the the reigning beauty…
  5. Recurrent respiratory diseases and infections (inflammation of the nasopharynx, otitis media, sinusitis, recurrent rhinitis)
  6. Sometimes there are also changes in the chest (so-called Harrison’s groove, when one half of the chest is smaller)
  7. Sometimes even mental problems – delayed mental development, urination, nightmares and fears

Why and how do adenoids enlarge?

According to Chinese medicine, this state of the organism is induced “best” by diet, ie by consuming foods that bring the so-called moisture and heat SHI/RE and create hot mucus TAN RE in the upper fireplace (enlarged and swollen lymphatic tissues such as adenoids and tonsils, cervical nodes, nasal polyps, etc.).

Remove or leave adenoids?

The enlarged adenoid has 3 stages of size, which the otorhinolaryngologist usually finds out during the examination – in the 1st and 2nd stage it is possible to reduce the adenoid quite successfully or let it heal on its own. However, the condition is to observe the above-mentioned dietary measures and use of herbal mixtures Gentlness of Swan Neck (code 037) together with another herbal mixture Birth of the Phoenix (code 009) or Shade of Brocate Veil (code 012) for at least 3 months in a dose of 3×2 tablets from each. It is also suitable to drink the herbal mixture Beverage of Chinese Sages (code 900) for breakfast. In the case of stage 3, ie already very large nasal tonsils, which causes considerable problems, Chinese medicine does not prevent surgical removal as soon as possible, so as to mechanically loosen the nasopharyngeal circuit and prevent further congestion of mucus and thus a vicious circuit of the pollutant. However, it is always advisable to immediately start the above-mentioned diet as well as herbal mixtures, otherwise another adenoid will grow on this breeding ground again within six months and the problems will come back! Usually, however, the adenoid atrophies on its own by the age of 6 at the latest, ie it disappears as the “moisture and heat terrain dries out” due to a change or adjustment of the diet. These recommendations and herbal mixtures can also be used in the case of enlarged cervical nodes, nasal polyps or recurrent inflammations and infections in this area.

In the case of enlarged tonsils, Chinese medicine is more restrained and much more cautious – after their removal, the pollutant often “moves” a floor lower, into the deeper layers of the body where chronic problems such as asthma, allergies, celiac disease, autoimmune diseases, rheumatic diseases, ulcerative colitis, etc. appear. In this case, a combination of herbal mixtures Taming of the Hot-Blooded Horse (code 018) + Birth of the Phoenix (code 009) or Shade of Brocate Veil (code 012) is recommended for enlarged tonsils.


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