Joint and back pain

Joint and back pain from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), although viewed a little differently, hurts the same … Makes you want to exclaim pathetically along with the classic that pain knows no boundaries. If only it knew them though! Chinese medicine is knowing too and not only in this field. How to outwit these difficulties, to relieve pain, to return mobility and flexibility again (and especially the joy of life), we are going to decrypt now from the perspective of TCM in a basic list of herbal mixtures:

Herbal Therapy:

Stability of the Palace Pillar (code 201)

is used in kidney YANG deficiency together with Qi and blood deficiency in the lower burner and damp, cold, and wind stagnation. Typical symptoms are dull back pain accompanied by feeling sore or stiff (especially in the morning), feeling of heaviness or weakness in the loins and in the lower limbs, cold extremities, increased sensitivity to cold, pain from the waist down may be migratory or fixed, with or without swelling (or all together ). They improve when kept warm and quiet and get worse with changes in weather. The herbal mixture is used for at least 3 months before its effect materialises. From the perspective of Western medicine, these may be e.g. chronic rheumatic diseases, sciatica, intervertebral disc prolapses, osteoporosis, arthropathy, etc.






Cooling of Glowing Lava (code 202)

is used in damp and heat stagnation in the joints. Typical symptoms are red or swollen painful joints, on which chill and calm have beneficial effect. From the perspective of Western medicine, it may be e.g. acute rheumatoid arthritis or gout. This herbal mixture significantly reduces cholesterol, blood lipids, and uric acid as well (especially when administered in combination with the Canopy Chamber (code 036)).






Power of the Real Fighter (code 204)

is used for conditions of blockade in the joints, which are caused by external wind moisture attack. Typical symptoms are strong, sharp pain in muscles and joints, also with frequent pain projecting into the lower limbs, tingling, numbness or insensitivity in the limbs, and torso pain. Mostly these are chronic problems. To distinguish from administration of the Stability of the Palace Pillar (code 201) herbal mixture, this mixture is used in sharp pain. From the perspective of Western medicine, it may be e.g. carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, rheumatic joint and muscle pain, arthrotic joint pain, migratory limb pain, swelling of the lower limbs, and others.







Persistence of Bamboo Shoot (code 205)

is used in blood block in acupuncture meridians. Typical symptoms are all pains, swelling, bleeding, and development of inflammatory complications in injuries. Markedly supports and shortens healing time after injuries and relieves pain. From the perspective of Western medicine, it may be e.g. a variety of musculoskeletal injuries – joint sprains, contusion of muscles and ligaments, bone fractures, incisions and lacerations, hematomas, etc.






Smooth Ivory Bone (code 206)

is used to nourish the tendons and bones and to strengthen the essence of the kidney and liver blood. Typical symptoms are chronic persistent back and joint pain, which is in no way significant and sharp, but do not subside, exacerbated by changing weather, fatigue, or in the early evening, stiffness of the joints and muscles. From the perspective of Western medicine, the cause may be e.g. bone spurs on the spine and the extremities (exostoses), long-term joint pain with joint deformations in arthropathy, so-called growing pains in rapidly growing children, back pain during herniated discs, M. Osgood Schlater (i.e. thickening and pain in the tibia in children), M. Scheuermann (i.e. vertebral pain in adolescents) and others.







Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings (code 203)

is used in the blood block YU XUE and QI stagnation YU XUE, which blocks acupuncture meridians JING and connections LUO, causing pain in them. Typical symptoms are acute and chronic pain of different nature (sharp, dull, stiff, weather-dependent), swelling, tingling, numbness, cramps, restriction of movement or numbness in the joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. This herbal mixture is one of the most commonly used mixtures in TCM for painful musculoskeletal conditions. From the perspective of Western medicine, it may be e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, arthralgia, neuralgia, fibromyalgia, ischialgia, low back pain, carpal tunnels, tennis elbows, pain in the cervical spine, etc.).







Reinforcement of Undermined Riverbank (code 041)

is used to improve blood flow from the waist up. Typical symptoms are fixed or chronic pain in the thoracic and cervical spine, chest pain, pain in the joints of the upper extremities. From the perspective of Western medicine, it may be e.g. chronic pain in the area of thoracic and cervical spine, headaches (even migraines), incurred after injury or long-term unilateral load, trigeminal neuralgia, intercostal neuralgia, angina pectoris, etc.







Calming of Rough Water (code 062)

is used to eliminate Qi stagnation in the liver and gallbladder meridians and to improve blood flow in the area of cervical and neck muscles (gallbladder meridian passes therethrough). Typical symptoms are pain and stiffness of cervical spine and neck muscles, getting better by massage and movement and getting worse when at standstill, another accompanying symptoms of liver Qi stagnation can also be feeling a lump in the throat or chest tightness, mental imbalance, in women, then premenstrual tensions, etc.. From the perspective of Western medicine, it may be e.g. chronic pain in the cervical spine, repeated blocking of the cervical vertebrae and the surrounding muscles, torticollis etc.






Local Therapy:

Shaolin Oil (code 700)

is used to improve blood flow and breakage of Qi stagnation in the painful area, leads away harmful substances accumulated at the site of pain (thereby reducing swelling or induration), brings new blood and energy (thusnourishes and regenerates the affected area), and relieves pain. Typical symptoms are acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain, i.e. pain of muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and bones. From the perspective of Western medicine, it may be caused by virtually all of the aforementioned conditions and diseases.


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