How to go about fibroids?

According to Chinese medicine, fibroids always represent a blockage of blood in the lower burner (in our case in the uterus), which subsequently leads to the stagnation of energy Qi. Therefore, treatment is based on the following syndromes:

  1. Blockage of blood YU XUE knotting inwards is the most common cause of fibroids and manifests itself, for example, as dark and wrinkled appearance, dry skin (blood accumulates in the lower burner and cannot moisturize and nourish the skin), feeling cold (blood does not circulate properly), painful or delayed menstruation or even omission of menstruation.

Recommended herbal mixtures: Wall of nine dragons (054) is always used because not only does it remove the blockage of blood YU XUE, but it also dissolves inner phlegm TAN accumulated in the uterus and also cools down inner heat RE caused by this blockage. Wall of nine dragons (054) is supplemented in case of dominating blood blockage by Relief of carmine river (051) or Raising the stuck sluice gates (040), or in case of dominating mucus TAN and in obese women by Canopy chamber (036).

Food that stirs up blood XUE: adzuki beans, edible chestnuts, all types of soy, including tofu (soy cheese), celery (root and stem), eggplant, hot peppers (chilli), hot and sweet peppers (ground), cayenne pepper, horseradish, chives, leeks, radishes, grapes (including raisins), turmeric, basil, saffron, ginger leaves, yellow mustard, apple or balsamic vinegar or even hemp seeds (Cannabis sativa – marijuana).

  1. Stagnation of Qi and blood XUE is manifested (apart from the occurrence of fibroids and cysts during gynaecological examination) by pain and tension in the lower abdomen or by delayed menstruation.

Recommended herbal mixtures: It is always necessary to stir up the stagnation of energy Qi – most often with Calming of rough water (062), and if there are no signs of inner heat RE, then either Harmony of magic change (063) or Freedom of easy wanderer (061). But it is always necessary to simultaneously stimulate the stagnant blood XUE, either in the case of simple blockages of blood due to its shortage with Softness of heavenly fay (052) or in the case of bottom cold and upper heat with the mixture Snowdrifts full of hope (053).

Food that stirs up the stagnation of energy Qi: beans (all kinds), green peas, pumpkin, chives, leeks, red radish, peppers (fruit), white cabbage, kohlrabi (stewed), grapefruit, tangerine (including peel), lemon (including peel), limes, plums, olives, star anise, fennel, mustard seed, cilantro, cumin, dill, mint, oregano, rosemary, grain coffee (Caro) or Beverage of Chinese sages (900).


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