Coronavirus and TCM (Herbs)

Diseases are always the result of a struggle between the good energy ZHEN QI and the harmful XIE QI. So it depends on the strength of our defensive energy (immune system) and on the strength of the harmful wind (virus or bacteria). Here, the memorable words of Luis Pasteur apply: “The pathogen (virus) is nothing, the terrain is everything”. So, there must ALWAYS be a correct key that fits the lock, or a burning match must fall into a haystack, otherwise the fire (and hence the disease) would not have broken out. It also depends on the quality of the hay, whether it is dry or wet – in our case the dry hay paradoxically represents damp (and heat) in the body – thus it is an appropriate breeding ground, a kind of terrain of smouldering ashes, into which the wind blows and fans the fire. Unless we have excessive heat and damp in our stomach, intestines, and lungs, in which case we just encounter this tepid wind and do not feel it at all (the burning match will fall on concrete). In a less serious case, we may feel uncomfortable, slightly tired (as happens in spring, when we have spring fever …) and everything fades away gradually over time.

As prevention, Beverage of Chinese Sages can be used in the long term – 4 measuring cups (purifies heat and damp with phlegm from the central burner and strengthens the spleen Qi) + Birth of the Phoenix – 3 measuring cups (cools heat of the lung and stomach) + at the time of increased harmful wind (e.g. now or from autumn to spring), it is possible to add Beverage of Silwer Wind as well, 2  4 measuring cups, or Shade of Brocate Veil – 6 tablets (both eliminate harmful surface wind with the hot toxin from the body). Everything can be mixed together, poured over with hot water and drunk for breakfast (or you can add a little milk and it will taste like white coffee). It may be used in the long term without limitation. Shaolin oil can be gently rubbed into the shoulders, neck and chest, and at the same time used as a “perfume” under the nose. The “natural armour” (particularly in the morning after a bath) thus receives new reinforcement and a protective layer.

Similarly, when a match sinks into spring grass (it burns a little after winter, but it mostly extinguishes itself), classic symptoms of viral disease may occur – rhinitis, cough, fever, muscle aches, headaches, and the like. We then treat this acute condition according to the symptoms – e.g. Cold of Morning Mist in headaches and sore throat, Fragility of Wound Leaf at the beginning of the virus with dry cough, Blowing of Dragon Cave in rhinitis, etc. In the case of more serious illness, when the disease progresses deeper (the burning match has fallen into wood, which gradually begins to smoulder) night fever occurs, cough (either dry or hard coughing), chest pain, Anchoring of the Hot-Air Balloon – heat and damp in the lungs with hot toxin, Echoes of Himalaya Thunder – in dry cough with a small amount of whitish yellow phlegm, Scent of Pine Alley – in cough with yellow-green phlegm, Moistering of the Parched Steppe – in dry barking cough without sputum expectoration, Drop Forest Spring  – in alternating fever and chills and Shade of Brocate Veil can be added + Cooling of the Cooking Range as a natural antibiotic, which both also have potent antiviral effects.

However, if the wood is considerably rotten, the fire is like a fish to water – and not even holy water helps. Unfortunately, in the case of patients who are exhausted by life and marked by the ravages of old age, the use of many chemical medicines, and long-term illnesses, it is very difficult to apply effective treatment. The assault by the harmful wind (in this case coronavirus) is often just the last straw – but not the main cause of death.

Let us not be overwhelmed by the numbers of dead or infected. Let us not be unnecessarily frightened by various fake news or hoaxes. Although we do not have respirators, ventilators, vaccines, etc., we have TCM, whose principles are the best prevention against all diseases. According to TCM, fear (especially unnecessary fear) weakens, depresses, and blocks the flow of , beneficial Qi energy – and we need the balance and harmony, as well as patience – especially now. Anyway, after even the most cruel storm, the sun ALWAYS comes up at the end. So therefore, let us not fear, but rejoice!


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