The most common viral and infectious diseases – recommendations according to TCM

Lung-Qi Stagnation is one of the most common disorders in today’s world, particularly among women. It is manifested as a typical feeling of an obstruction in the throat (“lump or plum pit in the throat”), a feeling of oppression of the chest, difficulty swallowing, pressure on the chest (even breathlessness), frequent sighing, by which the body releases the “overpressure” and QI blockage, sadness, anxiety, depression….

Therapy: Uplifting the Heavy Heart – 081

Cold Wind in the Lungs is an acute problem in the period from winter to spring, but also during the summer due to a draught or air-conditioning. It is manifested as a cough, itchy throat, stuffy nose or thin watery discharge from the nose, sneezing, absence of thirst, neck headache, body pain, feeling of cold and chills and shivering.

Therapy: Magic of First Aid – 001 or Pass of Wind Mountain – 004

Hot Wind in the Lungs is manifested usually in the summer, but can also appear at any time since Cold Wind quickly changes to Hot… The symptoms are throat ache, swollen tonsils, tonsillitis, fever, extreme thirst, dry cough, stuffy nose, yellow mucus, mild sweating, even conjunctivitis or seasonal allergies (eyes, nose).

Therapy: Cold of Morning Mist – 002 and Beverage of Silver Wind – 844 (this combination is often used even after being initially stricken with Cold Wind which settles deeper and creates Heat or Hot Toxins in the Lungs).

For allergies, dry cough, conjunctivitis, mild illness and in children Fragility of Wound Leaf – 003 and Beverage of Silver Wind – 844.

Hot Mucus in the Lungs is a cough with thick, sticky, yellow to yellow-green mucus. It is typically manifested as acute respiratory infections (including bronchitis and pneumonia) or in chronic smokers.

Therapy: Scent of Pine Alley – 031 or Anchoring of the Hot-Air Balloon – 030

Cold Mucus in the Lungs is manifested at the start of being stricken with Cold Wind – irritating cough and coughing up of white or white-yellow mucus.

Therapy:  Echoes of Himalaya Thunder – 032

Dry Wind in the Lungs is manifested usually as a night intermittent attack of barking or laryngeal cough in small children, which is manifested as laryngitis or bronchitis, sometimes being dramatic and life-threatening.

Therapy: Moistering of the Parched Steppe – 033

Lung QI Deficiency is a common cause of respiratory disorders resulting in shortness of breath, cough reflex, chronic cough, weaker voice, reluctance to speak, excessive sweating, fatigue, pale white skin, frequent and recurring colds, sensitivity to cold

Therapy: Ebony Windbreak – 153 and Beverage from True Ginseng – 822

Lung Yin Deficiency is manifested as Dryness and Heat, with a dry cough or cough with a very small amount of thick mucus, particularly after respiratory diseases, weak voice, hoarseness, feeling of mouth and throat dryness, itchy throat, chronic throat ache or recurring tonsillitis, reluctance to speak, weight loss, night sweats, fatigue, even bloody mucus, night mouth dryness, feeling of drinking in small doses, red cheeks, night dry coughing fits with subsequent coughing up of small amounts of mucus, pressure on the chest and afternoon feeling of heat.

Therapy: Blow of Silver Whistle – 131

Cold Moisture in the Large Intestine is manifested in the summer in so-called summer viruses and Salmonella type infectious diarrhoea, etc. It is manifested as acute diarrhoea, fever with shivering, sweating, headaches, abdominal pain, stomach rumbling and bloating, feeling of fullness in the chest, nausea and even vomiting. A typical symptom is travellers’ diarrhoea.

Therapy: Sabre of Little Samurai – 101

Dryness and Heat in the Large Intestine is manifested as constipation or dry stools, burning in the anus, dry tongue, dryness in the mouth and throat, dark urine, bad breath, dry skin even dizziness.

Therapy: Filling of Dry Riverbed – 091 and Beverage of Heavenly Grace – 888

Hot Toxin in the Large Intestine is manifested as acute or chronic diarrhoea with mucus and blood (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, salmonella, etc.), abdominal pain, urge to defecate or burning in the anus.

Therapy: Throne of Majesty Emperor – 017 and Beverage of Chinese Sages – 900


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